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Social Action and
Policy Lab

Applying Behavioral Insights

for Social Good

Social Action and Policy (SAP) Lab, a collaborative research lab, uses behavioral insights for social transformations. Through its evidence-based research, Social Action and Policy Lab attempts to improve the design, utilization, and effectiveness of public policy.

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Designing strategies and interventions to encourage behavioral change using insights

Primary and secondary research on behavioral insights for social change

Promoting academic collaborations and building a resource base to institutionalize the potential of behavioral insights in the development sector. 

Creating initiatives/projects in collaboration with agencies and institutions, and to achieve greater social good.

Outreach initiatives and interventions promote awareness of behavioral insights


About the Lab

The Social Action and Policy Lab at IITGN was established recently with the support of UNICEF. It is a platform dedicated to encouraging and achieving the goal of using behavioral insights to create widespread social impact. The lab incorporates behavioral insight into its mission of developing appropriate approaches and strategies to promote positive and measurable changes toward realizing the rights of society's most vulnerable members.


Our mission is to make education genderless, affordable, and accessible


Our goal is to make people aware of the importance of a balanced diet, irrespective of their gender


We strongly believe in behavioral nudging to promote sustainable living 

Social Norms

We work towards deconstructing harmful social norms through behavioral change 


Through behavioral insights, we try to close the persistent gender gap


Achieving the 17 SDGs by using insights from behavioral and cognitive science is our prime goal

Behavioral Insights in the Indian Context

Closeup Portrait


A doll to solve diarrhoeal woes in Bihar

Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BBC Media Action


Bringing girls to school through local traditions in Madhya Pradesh

Source: Piramal Foundation



Uptake of Iron Folic Acid supplements

Source: Busara and Centre for Social and Behavioural Change, Ashoka University:

Our Team

Our Team

Apoorvi Garg.jpeg

Apoorvi Garg
Program Manager


Kumar Manish
Program Manager

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Mohammad Asim
Project Associate

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-29 at 2.17.12 PM.jpeg

Hyma Balakrishnan

Project Associate

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